Saturday, October 15, 2011

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It kind of sucks that the night time has been given such a bad reputation for walking around at night but when really it's still another beautiful time of day. We just don't go out because its easier for bad things to occur. This sucks. I want to go for a night stroll right now.

When I am walking outside in the dark, its almost like I can hear the wind better because the colors are restricted to shades of darkness so the wind is more present, especially against my skin. I can smell the air better. It's more fresh and the temperature is always usually cooler too. I especially love walking outside when its cooler and I'm in a sweater, jeans, comfy shoes and I can feel my cheeks are cold but I'm completely content.

Walking a
t night makes me happy I guess is what I want to say...and I would love to go walking outside right now at 3 in the morning.

Took these pictures when I was abroad this past December/January. At night. Above was in Laos, we were trying to find the house we were going to for a welcoming ceremony. Below is also in Laos. It is called the Patuxai Monument.

fresh air is the best when it is night air.

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