Tuesday, November 29, 2011

stressful dreaming

I had one of the worst nights of sleeping just now. I'm at work and I feel exhausted. My dream consisted of a lot of traveling and I remember being so tense. A scene that I remember was about my sister Kia and I. We were both in really low car and she was driving us through a town. The town did not look familiar at all. Suddenly I realized the doors weren't locked (because I have a paranoia thing about unlocked doors) and I locked them. We were crossing an intersection with cars to my left and right waiting to step on their gas pedals. Right when we were in the middle of the intersection, the locks on the cars unlocked and my door flew open and I almost fell out. We were so close to the ground, the car and us. When the door flew open a guy with dark skin and big buggy eyes and crazy hair started yelling at me which at first sounded like threatening but while I screamed at the top of my lungs I began to realize he was saying, "Let me look at your teeth!" over and over again. He was looking at my mouth, scrutinizing it I remember.

Also because I have such a small room, I opened my window at midnight to let out some of the heat in the room because I have been getting sick from it. I left this window open which helped a bit but half way through the night at 3:33ish I heard a loud slam! I pictured in my head the glass part of the window on the outside falling off the window and onto my next door neighbor's yard. Then I began to dream about this thought of mine which was extremely random!

Another thing this night was that I could barely sleep sleep! I woke up at 2:22am and then again at 3:33 am because of the window and the thought of 4:44, 5:55, and 6:66 freaked me out too! Now I just realized that 6:66 isn't possible...

But I had work at 7 and being up that early and having all those scary dreams didn't help me too much. Also the fact that it was windy and the gate door below us kept hitting the fence back and forth and the house was creaking definitely added on to my fear of danger. I ran to the bus stop today and I'm and extremely tired right now.

Can't wait to sleep/rest for a bit.

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