Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn w/ Sonya and Sara

So. These are two of my sisters. I know...I know. They're pretty awesome to let me take photos of them. They also have refreshing fashion so the outfits they're wearing were simply the ones. My siblings and I have always modeled with each other for fun, either it being for videos or photos so taking their pictures and giving directions was very simple.

I got to go home this weekend to spend time with these two and my other siblings. I love them all so very very very much :)

On another similar note:

I will be collaborating on my blog with my sister Sonya. She will be mainly in charge of editing the photos from now on. She's a graphic designer so she'll be the one adding on to the beauty of my models and the photos. I hope other people are enjoying my blog as I am posting up the fashion of others!

More to come soon!

[Models: Sara & Sonya]
[Photographer: Pang Yang Her]
[Editor: Sonya Her]

(check out Sonya's work here)

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