Monday, October 15, 2012

Kelly II

Bargain shopping is Kelly's main attraction when it comes to buying things. He's a silly little guy with an awesome sense of humor, even though he's over six feet. I bothered Kelly a few weeks ago to see if he would be able to meet up and share his style on my blog and he was kind enough to make time for it so THANK YOU!!

Kelly likes to dress to feel comfortable but at the same to look nice. "What's the point of putting clothes on your body if it doesn't look good!?" He realized his first year in high school how much style made an impact on just the body and appearance alone. That's when he stopped wearing cargo shorts and polo's like the rest of the guys. 

Shooting for two hours in the sun, mist, and rain...Kelly still smiled and proceeded in being positive throughout the entire time. Such a great human being, student, and friend and I hope the best to him!

 [Model: Kelly Danen]
[Photographer: Pang Yang Her]
[Editor: Sonya Her]

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