Sunday, December 30, 2012


The Hmong clothes are so beautiful! I haven't been to a New Year for so long and I was super happy to have brought my camera with me. (This was back in the beginning of December) My jaw kept dropping from the different patterns and colors being mixed together. There were also a lot of ladies rockin the tall tall heels. I really do love the modern take on Hmong clothes and at the same time really respected the people that stuck to keeping the clothes very traditional. I was even able to capture a few Hmong people just rockin out their modern day styles :) Always appreciate it. 

 Look at that RED and BLUE!
 Older ladies wearing traditional hats <3
 Details, details, details!

 Cutest boy ever! He was so caught up in his balloon :)
 Those are coins on his shirt get on there by hands...hand sewn!
 Really awesome details in color within this outfit...totally fell in love with the elbow details.
Lovely family.

(**another Hmong post coming soon!)

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