Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sometimes it's super nice to take the time to enjoy the small things that happen in our everyday lives.  So here's my list of tiny little things that occurred in the past two days that made me smile and reminded me why life is beautiful:

1. On my walk home from work, I walked past a house that blasted a Coldplay song through their window (Paradise)
--it almost felt like they did it on purpose. Either way it made me happy

2. I wake up in the mornings with the sunrise sunlight casted on my bedroom wall

3. Yesterday I sat on the grass to wait for the bus to come and then it started raining
---first thing I usually do is run for cover, but I stayed put and just enjoyed the rain. Rain is the most refreshing weather to walk in (& sit in?)

4. On my walk home I saw a little girl try showing two Chihuahuas who was boss by only feeding them if they listened to her from the other side of the fence
--so cute

5. As I was walking down the street, there was a man at the end of the corner just pondering for a good 30 seconds with his back turned towards me. He finally turned around to go back inside and as he was turning around he almost ran into me but we both missed each other just in time. He asked if I was the one girl that works at Wolf Beach... it was entertaining and nice to talk to a stranger

"Have a good day!"
"You too!" I said.

6. Got on the bus this morning like usual and this couple sat across from me. They had so much with them. The man had a suitcase and he was texting, the girl had her guitar or viola with her and her backpack and they both just sucked themselves together in the bus seat for two. Out of no where the boyfriend snuck a kiss on his girlfriend.
--It's really refreshing to see couples appreciate one another, it's inspiring and adorable.

7. Yesterday morning I was woken up by baby birds screaming their throats out...I walked over to the window to see where they were screaming from and all I could see were the parent birds flying in and out of the trees like honey bees
--Parents work so hard for their children *Nature's reminder*

8. While waiting for the bus on the grass, a terrier mix came up to me to say "Hi."
--Her name was Stella

9. It was raining a lot when I was on the bus, pouring actually. I finally got to my bus stop and got off right as the sun was coming out. All of the streets were steaming from the hot sun and the cool rain
--Probably one of the most beautiful moments in my neighborhood yet

What about you? Do you have little moments that make you smile within your day?

[Random insert photo - went to Wicked with two awesome people!]

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