Saturday, June 22, 2013

There's so much going on this year. I just met up with a friend of mine and we were able to talk about life and where our lives could go after school ends.

I'm very close to graduating college and the closer I get to it, the scarier and more real everything becomes.

It's an uncomfortable feeling but it doesn't mean I stop what I'm doing and freak out. I gotta keep going and keep challenging myself --we all need to.

My blog has become such an outlet in my life. I don't have any viewers barely but I get to express a side of me that I will probably always keep in my life.

Fashion is a huge factor in how I see and how I feel. I can't always afford to look "fashionable" and I know that. Even with that in mind I still am always looking at people's fashion on the streets, on Instagram, at work, in restaurants, and I pull from them and I categorize outfits into levels of what is fashionable and what is not.

Everyone has their own opinions on fashion and that's probably how it will always be. I am very opinionated when it comes to what is fashionable and what isn't. I think this is what makes people's styles so unique and significant.

Two of my opinions on fashion recently:

  • Everyone keeps having the straight long hair with the divide in the middle - I can understand the classic fashion look of this but it's not refreshing anymore in my eyes - fashion is always revolving and spontaneous
  • I am really loving the uneven skirts, they're super edgy and they give off an edgy tomboy look instead of the typical "girly" skirt

On a different note but still related to fashion somewhat, below are more photos of my friend Mina. The photos continue to work towards showing different sides of her. This photoshoot/outfit represents her music side. 

As human beings,  we all have multiple things that keep us happy and encourages us to keep living enriching lives.  

Mina practices guitar and sings on her free time. Mina enjoys K-Pop music and is in love with the Korean group BAP.  She's the biggest fan of them that I know of...besides her nieces.

Two more outfits :) This next one coming up is exciting! We discovered a great location.

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