Thursday, September 5, 2013

 [Model: Bennett Litton]

Forcing Bennett into modeling for me is always a good decision...wahahahhaa. Sorry Bennett! 

He's such a natural in front of the camera and a lot of help behind the camera. He understands fashion and also has a great sense of style so styling him with his own pieces was simpler and a lot of fun.

Of course working with people who have a sense of humor helps a lot too.

On a side note: I hope you're enjoying the photo shoots. I just did one this past weekend and hope to get it up next week. School just started again and it's the last semester for me so I'm working on figuring "life" out at a faster pace.

Also at the same time working on enjoying life as it is. I'm really good at being worried so trying the whole "living in the moment" is always a challenge. Besides that, hope you're all working hard, laughing a lot, and making time to enjoy the moments :)

How would you complete the sentence:

"Life's short, ____________."


  1. "Life's short, eat all of the chocolate you can find before someone else does."

  2. "Life's short, so take a picture, it'll last longer."...? I don't know.. Seems appropriate.

  3. wow, he's soooo zoo zoo nraug!!!!!!

    "Life's short, but it's really not"