Saturday, March 21, 2015

Back in 2013 of August I visited my sister and her fiancé, at the time, in Colorado for the first time. I was so ambitious on this trip hahahahaha so funny to think about. One of the few things on my list was to go hiking so my sister's fiancé took us hiking in Estes Park and we went on an 11 mile hike to Lawn Lake. That day was filled with sweat, pain, water, wildlife, complaints, change of light, colors, breeze... so many things and getting to Lawn Lake was so worth it. Amazing. Quiet. Serene. Calm. 

I completely forgot about the photos I took through it glad it did! And going through them, I miss this day. Those moments. Even the pain in my out of shape body. The ambition to constantly push myself to take each step up towards Lawn Lake. Keep going. Keep going.

When we push ourselves because we know we have to


When we push ourselves because we want to.