Friday, April 10, 2015

 It is spring now and like these photos, it's still cold :( But less complaining and more explaining:

I've known Amber Bloom since my freshmen year of college. We met in the laundry room in the dorms. I've seen Miss Bloom bloom all these years and she's still the same girl I met and at the same time a completely new woman. It's always great seeing this girl and learning new things about one another as well as reminiscing on our friendship and trip to New Orleans :)

For this shoot we got up before sunrise. There's only one other shoot I did that was shot around sunrise, do you remember which one??

I got a chance to talk to Amber about her style and where she likes to shop via video. Remember when I said that there's going to be a video of Amber? Yup! That's where you'll get to see her talk about where she bought most of the pieces in these photos. 

I shot another outfit with Amber Bloom so that will be coming shortly after the video. Thanks again guys! And thank you Amber for sacrificing your Saturday morning and bearing the freezing cold with me!

Always a blast! (no pun intended)

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