Monday, September 3, 2012

Cherie III

 She's not real I tell you all. She's single though! ...Don't kill me Cherie Elegant. That's her new name. That's one of the cutest dresses I have seen in a long time and it needs to be worn wayyy more. Amazing poses! Glances! I'm blown away. For this look I was going for a formal night out. She pulled it off perfectly with her elegance.

You must be thinking why I'm posting up so many outfits from today? Im excited about them and school's starting. I know that once school life ends. Not really. But REALLY.

[Model: Cherie Pigeon]
[Photographer: Pang Yang Her]
[Stylist: Pang Yang Her]

One outfit left so look forward to it again :D WOOOT! Cause I am excited!!

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