Monday, September 3, 2012

Cherie IV

That's it folks! Last of the outfits. I don't know how Cherie does it but she did awesome! Woot! I like this outfit a lot!! It was spontaneous. We both agreed to shoot one more outfit so I grabbed two of my pieces and asked Cherie to try them on. Then I looked around her apartment for some nice background...BOOM. The End. Result. This was a lot of fun. I can't wait to shoot more shoots with Cherie!! It'll be fun. As for now I should probably stop procrastinating and prepare myself for the first day of class...talking about class..I never purchased new school supplies! Gahhhhh.

Well I hope to snap a few pictures of more people and more different styles. Look forward to it also! Have a great night. Thanks again Cherie! Not enough thanks I swear!

[Model: Cherie Pigeon]
[Photographer: Pang Yang Her]
[Stylist: Pang Yang Her]

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