Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kho II

"To a concert..." she goes.

Kho describes her style as, "Not really simple, unless I'm having a lazy day." She loves playing with colors, textures and patterns. To Kho, she sees jewelery as the cherry ontop of the ice cream, the final piece to the outfit. "You always look at clothes, but you need to see the details...earrings and necklaces" she smiles.

Top Places to Shop at:

1. TJ Maxx - good deals and has a variety of brands
2. Forever 21 - there's bit of everything there
3. H&M - more simple colored store (she likes to shop there for her basics)
4. Charlotte Russe - similar to Forever 21 but better selection of dresses and shoes (she likes to go here for her party and special occasion outfits.

I threw a random question at her:

If you could go to any city in the US within the next 30 minutes with travel paid for and housing paid for, where would you go?

LA. There are a ton of dancers there and dancers have their own style of how they wear things.

The outfit in this post shows off a bit of the hip hop style to me. Having the colorful printed bandeaus under a sheer black top and then adding on a chunky pastel necklace with combat boots... so edgy. And then balancing all of that out with cream pants...brilliant.

If you've never noticed hip hop styles definitely check the hip hop fashion out!

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