Saturday, September 15, 2012


Sweet. Smart. Artistic. Funny. Happy. Those are a few words to describe Kho Lor. She was kind enough to share some of her Saturday with me so I could snap her style to share with you. This girl I tell so fashionable! Everything she's wearing has been sketched and painted in her mind before she even puts it on. Her eye for fashion is impressive. I've definitely learned a few great points from her.

In her next outfit post, I'll go through more of Kho's perspective and opinions on fashion and life.

The outfit above has such a refreshing mix of bohemian. I keep seeing Free People. Her necklace is super unique and I would never have the luck to find anything like that. Mixing prints and patterns is tough to do, but Kho's got an eye for the mixing and matching.

She's such a talented artist and it shows through with her style. (BTW, did anyone else notice the braided belt? That's how good she can mix and match!)

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