Sunday, November 25, 2012

and then there was a break

 Thanksgiving break was refreshing and much needed. I was so pumped the moment I walked out of work and into the elevator....AHHHHHHHHH!
Went to pick up my sis and we spent the night at my oldest sister's place. We got to meet her pup!
 This is Hunter, my oldest sister's baby. He's so hyper and loving. Hyper mainly but still loving. (I was exhausted and he still wanted to play.)
 These earrings were sported by my sister for pretty!!
 The sunset was really pretty during break. The sky is always prettier back home than where I go to school. It's probably because I never have the time to see the sunset during school.
 My sis sporting green on green with stripes.
 Got to see a little bit of tv and the show Arthur looks so different now... :(
 Movie with the sibs :)
Stylin the parking lot with my lil brother.
Breaks over now :( Time to prepare for tomorrow... whew.

Posting up some pictures from my little photoshoot tomorrow! Hope you guys like them when they're up.

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