Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Morning November 28th

 I was able to greet the sun waking up this morning. Look at how the sun coming up highlighted the pathway to the beach and the trees. I was so excited the moment I parked my car and was walking towards the beach. SO EXCITED!
The waves were so calm and precious. Ice is beginning to form too.  

 AND THEN!!! I go to the equipment room and run into these gorgeous fellas! Vaughan
 and Skylar are both rocking out in themselves today! WHAT?! I had to snap the awesome-ness!

The pin that was hidden underneath his scarf and jacket...brilliant and made my day. Putting accessories in a spot that takes more than just one look to notice is really hard to do but I appreciate it and respect it a lot. 
 Look at her earring! Super cute and bold!
 Look at Sky's other earring! AND Vaughan's just being super chill with his vintage rockin scarf. 
 I was blown away by their outfits and accessories. I'm sure they were a bit (to say the least) surprised by my creepiness. 
This is back to my early early morning. I snapped a picture of a man and his best friend on the beach. So peaceful. I hope to go to the beach at this time of day more often in my life. 

Have a great day everyone!! :)

[photo-shoot coming up this weekend!!!]

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