Monday, December 3, 2012


 Introducing Megan Linsmeier. Such a sweetheart she is. This is how I would describe Megan:

M: Merry at all moments
E: Electric with her style and her smile
G: Giving with her ideas and time
A: AWESOME modeling
N: Not a pain to work with at ALL

I scheduled this shoot with Megan a month ago but was reschedule til recent. We had talked a lot about retro and using lipstick within the outfit and make up. Megan has the perfect look for a vintage appearance. Everything she brought with her to the shoot belongs to her and everything, I mean pretty much everything was VINTAGE. And yes, they all came within that cute teal hard-case suitcase in these photos. I'll be sharing more about Megan's style in the next few posts because...I have two more outfits with Megan coming up!

I also fixed my comment box on my blog so please leave feedback or comments when you get the chance. Also, my survey at the bottom is finishing up soon so if you have some time take a look at it or answer it :) I'll be putting up a different question soon. As for's midnight and we all gotta go to sleep sometime to prepare for that sunrise/daylight!! 


[Model: Megan Linsmeier]
[Editing by Sonya and Pang]
[photos by Pang]