Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Into the Night

 The afternoon before our shoot, I went to pick up Megan in her calm neighborhood. I parked my car and walked out to meet her and she walks toward me with her teal suitcase and her red and black tweed light jacket. We walk to my car and decide to grab some coffee before beginning out shoot. Megan and I were extremely excited right off the bat. It was a great day with amazing weather for December and we had been planning this for a good amount of time.

Megan and I head into the lighting studio but right before that, I snapped an Instagram of her. (<3 Instagram -- @pangyher)

We begin by playing some music and going through her treasure chest of vintage pieces she has collected throughout her years of thrift shopping either by herself or with her friends. Megan enjoys making plans with her friends to travel out of her town to visit other thrift shops. A lot of the pieces that Megan brought to the shoot had certain details on them. Lace, stripes, polka dots... they all had some sort of retro feeling to it. All of these combined really expressed Megan's style. Style-wise, she's from a different era. 

The outfit above is very modern but you can still sense that retro feeling. This outfit is definitely a Night-Out type of wear. I think it's the gold purse that really sets it apart from day-night. So of course, with that one small accessory you can change the entire outfit up with a different bag to create a day look. 

Alrighty, there's one post left after this one. I'm hoping to play around with lights more and outfits. 

Also, does anyone see Taylor Swift in these photos? It's a scary resemblance!! *Especially in the next post!

[Model: Megan Linsmeier]
[Edited by Sonya and Pang]
[photos by Pang]

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  1. I really like what you did, Pang! It has an editorial feel and look to these photos. I really like that you have her name on the first photo. It adds an extra touch to it. Great job!

  2. I also like that all the images are the same size.